Not Another Fairy Tale

     It’s more like a nightmare when the temperature drops down to the single digits after we’ve had gorgeous spring like weather for a few weeks.  I knew better than to pack away the hats, mittens and heavy jackets but I did it anyway.  The real bummer is there isn’t any snow to play on so there’s no sense in having cold weather.  There is sense in letting some moisture fall from the sky and that would be welcome and appreciated. 

     The travel on top of the frozen lakes has become a somewhat risky endeavor.  The warm, sunny days caused the ice to pull away from shore in places and melt in other places.  The thawing streams and rivers dumped water onto the ice in other places making that ice deteriorate.  I won’t be heading out onto the lakes again until I can take a boat, unless my plan is to go water skipping.

     The weekend plan doesn’t include water skipping at this point.  It doesn’t include anything half as exciting as that either.  Unless you count Abby having a couple of girls sleep over exciting.  I hope your weekend plans are more like a fairy tale and less like a nightmare and I hope you have a chance to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.