Northern Pike Fishing

We had a great day fishing on Saganaga Lake on Sunday.  Mike put the boat in and got all of the fishing gear out of storage from the winter and away we went.  The sun was shining and there was barely a cloud in the sky.  Since Saganaga is on the border of Minnesota and Canada fishing for Northern Pike is open year round.  Northern typically spawn underneath the ice so when the ice went out early this year we were excited to go and search for them in the shallow bays.  It was a pretty calm day so we used bobbers in less than 4 feet of water and while Abby, Josh and I were hiking a portage Mike caught a nice one.  We had a great fish dinner and can’t wait to get out fishing again.

<%image(20060425-mikekidsfishsmall.jpg|300|400|Fishing on Saganaga)%>