Northern Lights and Snowflakes

     It would be great if I had a picture of the northern lights to post today but unfortunately I don’t. It was a clear sky for the most part but the temperature dipped down to -17 below zero again and I didn’t feel like venturing outside. I stumbled across a blog that had some high tech ways of predicting the northern lights, you might find it interesting for planning your future trips into the starry night country.

     We have been putting our shovels to use the past couple of days.  Any other year we would probably just sweep it off of the deck but I think all of us are ready to really move some snow. Big flakes are falling from the sky in Grand Marais right now and we’re hoping we’ll be the lucky recipient of 4-8" of new snow that might fall in our region. Keep your fingers crossed, we’d love some fresh snow.

     While the ski trails on the Gunflint Trail are packed with snow it would be nice to get more on top of it. The lakes are sheer ice and that can cause problems with snowmobiles and makes skiing on them a bit tricky.  A good covering of snow would make for easier transportation when heading out to your favorite fishing hole.

     Maybe I’ll have some snowy photos for tomorrow’s blog, we can always hope!