No News is Good News

     This is definitely the case with the fires of the East Zone Complex, no news is good news indeed.  The last public meeting was held on Saturday morning and it came as no surprise to most people that things were calming down due to the precipitation we received.  The Type III Team led by Greg Vollhaber is still here with two supervisors, a crew of 18, and air support.  They will continue to monitor the fire area and will assist with fire suppression efforts if needed. 

     We’re hoping for continued precipitation and cool temperatures to keep the fire activity minimal.  With wind and low humidity the fires could flare up so we will continue to be a little bit on edge until the snow flies.  If you ask me, then the snow can’t come soon enough; bring it on.

     We’ll be sure to keep you posted of any news regarding the East Zone Complex or any other fire activity in the area.