No Camera? You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me

     It’s a rare moment when I’m caught without a camera. Whether it’s my big one, little one, Abby’s or my phone I almost always have some way to take a photo. This was not the case yesterday when I was across the river cleaning a cabin.

     I heard something outside of the window and looked up to see what I thought was a deer standing within reach of the cabin. My eyes focused and my brain started functioning and I realized it was a moose calf. The worlds most sweet and innocent moose calf my eyes have seen. 

     Maybe it’s because I didn’t have my camera that I was really able to appreciate the beauty of this calf. I wasn’t trying to snap photo after photo and I wasn’t preoccupied with what angle I was viewing it from. I was able to watch as the moose twitched his ear when a fly landed on it. I could see him lift his back leg to scratch his other leg and really see his hooves. He stood for minutes and I was able to take it all in.  

     Our guests at Riverside Cabin have also been seeing this calf. It has swam across the river in front of them and walked up the driveway. Our Voyageur Crew saw a moose trot through our parking lot which doesn’t happen too often because of our guard dog Rugby! I’m not sure if they had a camera or not.

     Will I bring my camera the next time? Yes and then I probably won’t even see the moose as that is how it sometimes goes. And that’s ok because it was totally worth it to be able to watch that little moose.  As Beth Nordheim-Baker was leaving Voyageur she was able to take this photo of a different moose. No camera? No worries, sometimes it’s ok.

moose gunflint trail