New State Record Walleye Caught on Saganaga Lake

     The stars must have lined up right for this to have happened and Josh couldn’t be happier.  March 31st, 2012 when Saganaga is normally ice covered we went for a boat ride and decided to bring along our fishing poles.  Thank goodness we did.  I casted a couple of times while Josh jigged with a minnow. 

     Suddenly he let out a yell and said he had a bite.  He started to reel in and while reeling he decided it must be a snag.  He muscled it in and when it reached the surface he saw the fish. Monster sized fish!  Then he got nervous and told me to grab the net.  I don’t know how we landed it with the small net we had but we got it into the boat and couldn’t believe our eyes.  There laid the biggest fish either of us had ever seen.  A huge walleye.

     I’m not good at determining size or pounds but we knew it was bigger than the 20 pound northern pike we have mounted in our lodge.  So, we drove to town with the fish in our cooler and got it weighed at Bucks Hardware in Grand Marais. 

     Sure enough, it beat the state record by 4 pounds!  23.2 pound walleye!  It’s a new state record and now our only concern is someone else will catch an even bigger one within the next couple of weeks.  Walleye fishing remains open on Saganaga until mid-April.  Our fingers our crossed and we are just hoping Josh will keep the title of holding the State Record Walleye.

     We know one thing for sure is he’ll keep the title at least for today, especially since it’s April Fools Day…