My Computer

     My computer is sick again.  I can’t believe how much information is stored in my computer and how lost I am without it.  Appointment times, email addresses, passwords and more are all kept safely inside of a now very ill computer.  After a short stay at the Doctor’s office two weeks ago I thought he was all better.  I guess I thought wrong.

     Here he is back at the Doctor’s office sicker than ever.  Instead of just acting a little sluggish like last time this time I couldn’t even wake him up.  I’m hoping the Doctor can work miracles because I really need him back in a hurry.  

     I’m thinking I probably should have taken the time to put all of my stuff on the portable hard drive I’ve been hauling around in my backpack for the past couple of months.  I’ll make one of those bargains, like if my computer gets cured then I promise I’ll transfer stuff to my hard drive. 

     Please cross your fingers!