Mush for a Cure Success


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  The First Annual Mush for a Cure was a great success.  The conditions for mushing weren’t perfect, the number of participants wasn’t in the double digits, but the enthusiasm for raising awareness and money for breast cancer was overwhelming. 

     Mother Nature did her best to preserve the trails for Saturday’s Mush for a Cure.  We had wanted to start from Voyageur at the end of the Trail and mush all of the way to Poplar Creek B & B but the lack of snow on our end of the trail and the icy conditions of Poplar Lake cut the course short.  We decided to start at Round Lake Road and end at the Poplar Lake boat landing, about a 20 mile trip.  There were patches of bare ground but overall there was enough snow to make for a great ride.

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     Upon completion of the ride everyone headed over to Poplar Creek B & B.  There we enjoyed sunshine and beautiful weather as we roasted hot dogs over a campfire.  The mushers shared tales of dog racing and we all had a great time visiting.  Next stop was Trail Center for a delicious celebration dinner and the last stop was Gunflint Lodge to listen to a local band known as the Splinters. 

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     Sunday morning found everyone around the kitchen table at the B & B discussing ideas for next year’s Mush for a Cure.  These mushers and their friends are incredible people with wonderful hearts.  There were only four women who participated this year but they were able to raise over $2500.00 for the first annual Mush for a Cure.   Thanks to their hard work and willingness to Mush for a Cure awareness has been raised about breast cancer and there will be a 2nd annual Mush for a Cure in 2008.