Mother Nature Needs a Hearing Aid

Yesterday was the first day of spring and today the kids are getting out of school early because of a snowstorm. I don’t think Mother Nature heard the news yesterday, maybe someone can try sending her a text to let her know it is supposed to be spring now.

The forecast is calling for 3-6-10 inches of fresh snow today. While Lutsen Mountain is probably happy not too many other people are.  Folks have had enough of winter including my children. Next week is spring break for them and it will look more like a mid-winter break on the Gunflint Trail where activities like snowmobiling, snowshoeing and skiing will trump any spring like ones.

Luckily a YMCA opened in Grand Marais this January. I think there would have been a higher crime rate this winter if community members didn’t have the option to recreate in the Y.  It’s a great facility and the kids love to hang out there shooting hoops, swimming or just visiting with friends.

Although the YMCA is a super fun place to exercise I hope Mother Nature gets the message spring is here so summer won’t follow too far behind.

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