More Typical April Weather on the Gunflint Trail

     The past couple of days the temperature hasn’t broken into the 40’s. We’ve had snow off and on, skims of ice on the puddles and frost on the windshields.  That’s the April weather we all know and love on the Gunflint Trail. OK, maybe we don’t all love it but it’s better than it feeling like June and wondering why there are no canoe guests in our yard.

     It is a very strange feeling to have no snow on the ground, no ice on the lakes and no guests roaming around at Voyageur. When the sun is shining brightly and the temperature is in the 60’s it only feels natural to have people around, it’s an eery feeling when they aren’t. 

     I’m actually happy for the April like weather in April.  The nice weather was driving me insane.  It made me feel like the season was just around the corner and everything needed to be ready immediately.  I was torn between raking, getting outfitting together and deep cleaning the store.  Now with the April like weather I don’t have to feel like I’m in such a frenzy to get it all done at once.

     The season will begin before we know it and the weather will warm up once again. Until then I’ll enjoy my break from insanity and this April like weather.