More Fishing Fun

     Monday was the first day of the first full week of summer vacation and the first day of Vacation Bible School.  I have been criticized for trying to do too much in too little of time and that was also Monday.  The kids enjoy going to Vacation Bible School and I think it’s great because we don’t get to church on Sundays as often as I would like.  The school is in Grand Marais, lasts for one week and is from 9:15-noon. 

     Monday started out like most other Mondays at Voyageur in the summer.  There were guests to feed, tows to take onto Saganaga and customers to serve, all before 8 am.  I had gotten the kids up, showered and fed when I unexpectedly had to bring a couple of boats around to the Sag Landing.  After completing my task and loading the kids in the car it was after 8:00 am when I pulled out of the driveway to the words, "Have fun in town!"  Contrary to popular belief town day is not a day off nor is it necessarily fun.

     I quickly drove to Gunflint Pines to pick up the Baker Boys and then continued the journey to Grand Marais.  By the time I made it to the church and got the kids registered it was about 9:30 am.  I was a bit frazzled but knew I would have some "down time" without the kids.

     Since the phone lines are still not functioning at Voyageur we need to take our credit card charges to a place with a regular phone line.  Sometimes it’s the Pines, the fire hall or anywhere with a land line.  I proceeded to enter credit card numbers, run deposits and get a bank deposit ready.  Next I drove to the bank, went to the post office for stamps, and filled the vehicle with gas.  Before I knew it the clock said it was 11:45 am and I still had to get lunch for everyone.

     Everyone meant my four kids plus two others that we were meeting for a picnic lunch at the playground.  I couldn’t wait to relax and chat with my friend while the kids ate and played.  It took a while for the sandwich artist at Subway to make 6 kid’s packs so I got to the church a little after noon.  We then headed over to the park to eat and play.  

     Between the requests to, "Open this." "Pass that." and "Get this." we didn’t have too much time to talk.  When the kids started to play we were busy yelling, "Please don’t throw wood chips!" "Be careful!" and "Take turns on the swings."  Our relaxing picnic lunch ended way too soon and before I knew it I was off running more errands until 2:00 pm when the kids needed to be dropped off for a birthday party.

     Kid-free once again I ran more errands that included looking for a shirt that had been left at the ballfield the night before, a stop to get a bobcat tire and a 2nd trip to the hardware store.  The kids and I were reunited shortly before 4:00 pm and had a few more things to accomplish before making our way over to the ball field for Josh’s 4:30 pm T-ball game.

     Mike and I, along with another couple, are coaches of the T-ball Team.  Since Mike had to stay home and work while I was in town I got to stand at first base for the next hour and a half.  I coached 5 and 6 year olds on the offensive and defensive strategies at and around first base.  "No, it isn’t ok to shove her off of the base."  "Please stand up and put the chalk back on the ground."  "You don’t have to have your foot on the base when you are throwing the ball…"

     Three innings of a T-ball game can seem like a long time when you’re standing at first base.  The game ended and it was time to head back up the Trail.  I had five kids in the car for the ride home because Josh was bringing a friend for a sleepover.  I thought three innings seemed long until the car ride up the Trail; the ride felt like it took forever.

     I dropped the Baker Boys off at their house and continued to proceed to the Red Paddle Bistro at Gunflint Lodge.  I was a little late so Mike and our adopted mom were already there and waiting for us.  After dinner, to Cameron’s amazement, we had to drive farther up the Trail to our house.  

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    I had promised to take the boys fishing so as soon as we got home we got our things together and went out to the dock.  Abby doesn’t normally like to go fishing but having Cameron around left far too many possibilities she didn’t want to miss out on.  With three kids, three rods, three lures and a dog we made our way in the boat to Gull Lake. 

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   If the car ride up the Gunflint Trail felt like forever then the time in the boat fishing must have been an eternity.  I don’t know why, but kids like to refer to beaver lodges as dams and when you argue with a 5 year old then you end up sounding like a 5 year old.  Anyway, after we passed the beaver lodge  Abby felt a tug on her line.  She reeled in and found a perfect walleye at the end of her line; she was as proud as proud can be.

     Before long we had a tangle of lines and lures and I decided a clipper would solve the problem easier than untying knots in the dark.  After a dispute we were on our way back to Voyageur.  The boys were defeated and deflated while Abby was of course elated.

     Pajamas on, movie on the tv and a bowl of sherbet in their laps the kids were content to sit still.  I began to make my way upstairs to my bedroom.  A little voice said, "I thought you were going to make popcorn?"  I sadly replied, "I’m sorry, I can’t do everything." 

      See?  I don’t try to do too much in too little of a time. 

     Don’t take this wrong; I love my crazy and busy life and wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love to spend time with the kids and I wouldn’t want to miss the look on Cameron’s face when he saw the momma and baby moose on the Gunflint Trail, hearing  the hearteIt thank you from Josh for taking them fishing or the excitement in Abby’s eyes after she caught her walleye.  There isn’t any one I would trade places with or anyplace I’d rather be.