Moose Hunt

     The moose hunt in Northeastern Minnesota opens on September 30th this year.  The licenses are only issued to Minnesota residences and it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Once you get a license it’s the only one you will ever get whether or not you shoot a moose.   In most areas the success rate for the hunters are pretty good so we tend to hold our breath around here. 


      Moose aren’t really afraid of people so if you get lucky enough to find one in your license area then most likely you will be successful.  If you live up here or spend time scouting the area then you can find their stomping grounds or possibly call a bull into shooting range.  You can check out more information about the moose hunt and how many were harvested in a specific year by going to the Minnesota DNR website. 

     We have seen a number of nice bull moose and they are definitely in rut.  One neighbor had their pick up truck charged by an aggressive bull and the bus driver saw two bulls sparring in a swamp.  Another Gunflint Trail traveler saw a cow with a bull in hot pursuit of her.  The rut came a little bit earlier this year so maybe our local favorites will be content to stay hidden away in the woods.  

     The waterfowl hunt also opens on the 30th and grouse is still open, so be careful when you are out enjoying the great outdoors this weekend.