Moose Calling

We have a friend Bob who is excellent at calling moose.  For those of you who do not know what this means, it is when you grunt and make other animal like noises in order to attract a bull moose.  Bob likes to take a drive in the morning after dropping his kids off at the bus stop.  He likes to test his skills at calling moose and usually heads to a place where he has seen moose in the past or looks through his binoculars in other optimal places to try and locate one.  He can make a sound like a cow or a bull in order to attract a bull in rut.  If the bull moose thinks he is another bull then the moose comes in ready to show dominance, if the moose thinks he is a cow, well, you know what is on his mind.  The other morning Bob saw a bull moose way off in the distance so he began calling to it.  The bull heard him and walked through the brush probably over a quarter of a mile to check him out.  Bob was able to get some awesome photographs of this bull and hopefully I will have one soon to share with you.