Monument Portage on Snowshoes

     I took everyone’s advice and spent some down time on Thursday.  I had the opportunity to go for a dogsled ride into the Boundary Waters and instead of staying back to answer the phone or email I went for a ride.

     It was a wonderful experience to be pulled behind a team of 12 sled dogs.  Mark and Mary Black of Black Magic Kennels were up the Trail with a couple of their dog teams.  I was invited along for the extra weight which was fine with me.  We made our way out to Saganga and basically followed the tow boat route out through Munker’s Narrows and to American Point.  From there we went west past Cache Bay, into 3rd Bay, Swamp and Monument Portage. 


    Monument portage looked a little different with the dock covered in snow.  I got out of the sled there and I took out my snow shoes to hike the 80 rods.  I was thrilled to be seeing this country that I had never before seen in the winter.  The border markers were almost buried in snow and as I made my way across the portage I couldn’t help but feel relaxed and happy.  When I saw Ottertrack covered in ice and snow it took my breath away.  It’s a beautiful lake in the summer but I think it’s even more awesome in the winter.

     It was incredible to be out in the Boundary Waters in the winter and not see another soul.  Knowing our tracks were one of the first and only of the winter was so neat.  The dogs did a terrific job and I had a relaxing and enjoyable day.