Missing Blueberry Picker’s Body Found

Paul Brandt who went missing on Thursday, August 1st has been found. His body was recovered a few hours ago about a mile from where his vehicle was parked near the Seagull Guard Station on the Gunflint Trail.

The official search had been suspended but people were still searching. The GTVFD and Cook County Search and Rescue with help from St. Louis County Canine Unit were on the scene early this morning. Relatives were also searching the area and an individual found the body.

The area where the body was located was in an area affected by the 1999 blowdown and Ham Lake Fire of 2007.  Toppled trees, charred stumps, reedy swamps and new growth of dense vegetation make this area extremely difficult to navigate.

It is unknown how Paul died but hypothermia or a medical problem are likely. It is also likely he had become disoriented in the thick bush and rain and cold temperature probably were a factor.

For members of the family and search crews it brings closure. It’s good to have found the body but it would have been better if he had still been alive.

Thoughts and prayers to all involved.