Minnesota DNR- Do Not Resuscitate

     I am tired of listening to the Minnesota DNR "officials" talk about the moose hunt. Isn’t it time they just said, "NO!" to the hunting of moose?

     If you have 5 cookies and then eat one you will only have 4 left.  Just like eating a cookie, shooting a moose does affect the moose population. Even I can understand this simple math equation, why can’t the DNR? I am fairly certain if a family member of one of the "officials" died then their family would be affected just as the moose families have been after years of hunting.  So what if we only kill bull moose, it’s still a moose.

     In a recent article the DNR was quoted saying, “Part of it is that it’s such an important cultural thing,” said Glenn DelGiudice, the DNR’s moose project leader. I’m not sure what culture has to do with it since the moose hunt was closed from 1922-1971.  I would guess the folks around in 1921 aren’t looking to hunt and those around since it re-opened in 1971 will just have to deal with it being closed like they did when they closed moose hunting in northwestern Minnesota in 1997.

     Glen continues to say,  "There’s not a good biological reason not to allow a modest hunt.” I ask is there a good reason to allow it?

     I have a moose head on the wall of my lodge so it’s not that I’m against moose hunting. I am all for it if the herd can handle it. When I first moved up to the Gunflint Trail 20 years ago we would commonly see 10 or more moose on a one-way trip to Grand Marais in the winter.  Our record was 17 moose in the 56 mile stretch! This winter when I have driven the Gunflint Trail I have had numerous times when I haven’t seen a single moose. The most I have seen in one night is 2!

     I’m not a rocket scientist or a moose biologist but I know a moose hunt in northeastern Minnesota is affecting the population of our moose.  Can’t the Minnesota DNR just let the moose hunt die?  If the population springs back like it did in the 70’s then open hunting back up and if it doesn’t then Do Not Resuscitate!



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