Mining in Minnesota?

“Mining companies are unable to point to a sulfide mine that has not polluted.” “In 2010, the metal mining industry was responsible for 41 percent of all toxins released into the environment.” “Additionally, a loophole in the Clean Water Act allows mining companies to dump waste into wetlands.”

The above statements were found on the Mining Truth website.

Those are scary statements even if they are only half-true(I haven’t done any research and have no reason to doubt the validity) I’m just saying WOW!

Time is running out and your voice needs to be heard. If you enjoy the BWCA, fishing, wildlife and clean drinking water then you need to help protect the environment. You can help, here’s how.

Mining in Minnesota
Mining Truth


The following is a letter I received with some important information.

File your objection to PolyMet’s risky plan.

Despite years of citizens raising concerns about the impact PolyMet would have Minnesota’s clean water legacy, PolyMet’s plan hasn’t changed much at all. Considering that Minnesota’s clean water is at stake, PolyMet is not worth the risk.

Thousands of Minnesotans have raised reasonable questions about PolyMet’s potential for pollution with regulators. We’re disappointed that in each case, the latest version of PolyMet’s plan fails:

Predictions about where PolyMet’s polluted water would spread are not backed up by independent science. Only private contractors who stand to benefit if PolyMet is permitted have run the water models used to predict where pollution would flow.
PolyMet proposes storing billions of gallons of toxic mine waste behind a forty year old leaky dam. That’s the same approach that ended in disaster at the Mount Polley mine in Canada.
There are not detailed plans for securing a damage deposit sufficient to protect taxpayers from being stuck with a massive cleanup bill.
PolyMet would require treatment of polluted water “indefinitely” after closure. “Indefinitely” is a delicate way of saying “forever.”
Tell government regulators not to accept PolyMet’s risky plan – file your objection right now.

Minnesota can’t risk our clean water legacy like this. If we don’t speak up for Minnesota’s water now, we could lose it for the generations that follow. Take action today.

Paul Austin            
Conservation Minnesota

Paul Danicic    
Friends of the Boundary
Waters Wilderness

Scott Strand        
Minnesota Center for
Environmental Advocacy

Conservation Minnesota
1101 West River Parkway, Suite 250
Minneapolis, MN 55119

Mining in MN
Not good for Minnesota

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