Mild March

March has certainly come in like a lamb, does that mean it will go out like a lion?  I can never remember how that saying goes.  We have experienced mild temperatures so far this month and this week has been way too warm for me.  After getting 2 inches of snow on the 5th, and 1.5 inches of white stuff on the 6th, it seems Mother Nature just wants to get rid of it.  Temperatures have been up in the 30’s during the daytime and haven’t cooled down much at night.  Last night we got a good 3 inches of wet, heavy snow, but with the thermometer reading 31 degrees at 6 AM,  who knows if it will last til noon.  Predictions are for more warm temperatures in the mid- 30’s and lows only in the double digits.  There’s a good chance of precipitation but with this warm weather we never know if it will be snow or rain.  Hopefully it will stay cool and we’ll get a good dumping of white stuff to last us into April.  I’m not ready to put away my skis just yet.