Melting Snow

There’s still snow and there’s still ice but today’s high temperature on the Gunflint Trail was 53 degrees, warm enough to melt some snow. According to the map below there’s still a good amount of snow cover in Northeastern Minnesota and I imagine it will be around for awhile longer.

Lake Superior still has a large amount of ice on it and the shipping season is off to a slow start because of it.  According to JOHN PEPIN – Journal Staff Writer ( , The Mining Journal,

Dobson said the ice thickness the cutters are encountering was at least three feet in some places, four feet in others. In the middle of Lake Superior, ice rubble fields six feet thick were being encountered…He said the cutters can be moving along decently and then hit a “rock solid” section of ice. In some cases, ships have needed four hours to move one mile.

A few more days of 50 degree temperatures will surely help.

Snow Coverage


Lake Superior Ice Coverage



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