Meet the Crew

     Now that most of the crew has been here for over a month I guess it is about time I introduce you to some of the people who make the world go round at Voyageur. Two new faces at Voyageur this summer are those of Kristi Ostrowski and Chris Schultz.

     Kristi is from Duluth, Minnesota and joined us in May.  She immediately took charge of the outfitting food area and has been taking care of all things food pack related ever since.  She is doing a great job of keeping things clean and organized and we’re so happy to have her here.  We recently let her out of outfitting for a day so she could see the sun.  We asked her to weed the flower beds and I don’t think I have ever seen them as weed free.  She does a great job no matter what she is doing and she’s so much fun to have around.  She’s a runner and pounds the pavement of the Gunflint Trail regularly and recently completed Grandma’s Half-Marathon in Duluth.  When asked what her favorite thing to do while camping she said she likes to pick wild berries.  Her favorite place to sleep while camping is in a hammock and her preferred footwear for canoe camping are Chacos.  We’re lucky Kristi found us and love having her here.

     Chris Schultz comes to Voyageur from South Dakota.  He isn’t a stranger to the border waters as he has spent summers working on Lake of the Woods.  He’s a natural tow boat driver from all of his days guiding fishing and he knows what to do at the lakefront without being told.  It didn’t take him long to get the hang of things in outfitting and does a great job getting equipment ready to be packed out.  He is easy going and gets along with the rest of the crew perfectly.  When asked what he likes to do while camping his response was to have a lake trout shore lunch.  He likes to sleep on beds of moss when out camping and wear his Asic Trail runners.  We’re so happy we decided to hire Chris and know you’ll be too.