Many Heads Make Light Thinking




 Is that how that saying goes?  I don’t know but I do know that Mary Black from Black Magic Kennels stole my topic and title for today’s Blog so I had to come up with a different title.  You’ll want to read Mary’s blog entry before mine to get a better understanding of the situation.   

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 The situation was this.  Last weekend Mary and Mark hosted a birthday/anniversary party celebrating their May birthdays and wedding anniversary.  They say they live off of the beaten path.  Well folks, in some places there is no path and where there is a path it isn’t very beaten; unless you mean beaten up?  The saying, "getting there is half of the fun" held true that evening because we had an excellent time once we finally arrived.  I’d like to say we at least made it in one piece, which is true, but one of those pieces happened to be flat.   

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  Assumptions are made when you see a yard full of 4-wheelers and men that look like the Marlboro Man.  Knock-off Carhart jackets, leather boots, mud and dirt everywhere; you would think this would be the perfect place to get a flat tire.  With all of that testosterone around who would have thought they would even need a jack to change the tire?

<%image(20090529-baker.jpg|40|42|If looks could kill)%>


  Well, they needed a jack and I recommended a Jack Daniels to lighten them up a little bit.  Frustration levels were running high when they couldn’t figure out how to get the spare tire out.  Needless to say, joking about getting an owner’s manual didn’t go over so well and I was dismissed. 

<%image(20090529-IMG_7489.jpg|200|229|Advice Not Wanted)%>

     They say a picture tells a thousand words so I think you’ll get the gist of it here.  The story ended happily and we eventually made it home with the spare tire on the Suburban.  And to end with another cliche, "All’s well that ends well" and as Paul Harvey would say, "That’s the end of the story."

<%image(20090529-IMG_7478_320x213.JPG|320|213|Tire? What tire?)%>