Lost Campers Found in the BWCA

Two people were found in the Boundary Waters after a search party had been launched to find them.  One of them had missed a shift of work which aroused concern and a neighbor also expressed worry when one didn’t return home on Monday as scheduled.

A big search ensued and the couple used a flashlight to alert a search plane flying overhead. A helicopter was then used to retrieve them from the BWCA.  They were found in Oyster Lake about 10 miles north of the exit point they were aiming for.

“It was a phenomenal search — one of the best I’ve been on,” said Rick Slatten, captain of the St. Louis County Rescue Squad. “They were in life-threatening conditions, running out of food.”  

The couple was taken to a hospital but were reported to be uninjured.

Charles Kelly, 66, of Brooklyn Park, Minn., and Pamela Scaia, 65, of New Hope, Minn., were located at about 1 a.m. near Oyster Lake northwest of Ely by the crew of a fixed-wing aircraft from the Minnesota State Patrol, the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office reported in a news release. The lost duo was then retrieved by a Black Hawk helicopter crew from the Minnesota Air National Guard.

Apparently they were attempting to paddle up creeks(with paddles) but would end up at a dead end unable to continue.  Details are a bit sketchy but they must not have had a map or compass or a sense of direction.

We’re happy they were found safe and sound.




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