Loss of Life… Gunflint Trail Fishing Guide Drowns

Life vests save lives. How many times have we heard that? The tricky thing with life vests is you have to wear them in order for them to work. If they are zipped up around the seat, casually stored on the bottom of the boat or stuffed in a compartment then they cannot save you. The pull to inflate life vests don’t work unless you are conscious and can pull it.

Dennis Todd drown in Northern Light Lake on Thursday afternoon.  He was fishing with a female in Canada and something happened that threw both of them from the boat.   The female was wearing her life vests and was able to make it to an island but Dennis did not have a life vest on and didn’t make it to shore.

The body was recovered by divers yesterday afternoon.  It’s a sad end to a good man’s life. He loved fishing and spending time on the lake. He was a good-hearted guy from Missouri who thrived on the Gunflint Trail.  He’s been coming to the Gunflint Trail to fish in the summers since the 1980’s.  I always enjoyed visiting with Dennis and he could make anyone laugh.

There’s never a good time to go but for Dennis Northern Light Lake was the best place for him to go.

Rest in Peace Dennis and may the fish be forever biting in your heaven…