Looking for an Opportunity to Paddle?

     If you live in central Minnesota and you’re against the mining proposed in the state then you have an opportunity to go paddling on the 22nd.  If you don’t feel like paddling then you can still show your lack of support for mining in the state at the Capitol. Here’s the information…

**Welcome the Precious Waters Canoe Flotilla to the Twin Cities**


For the last month, the northland paddlers of the Precious Waters Flotilla have been canoeing down the St. Louis and Mississippi Rivers to raise awareness about proposed copper-sulfide mining projects in northern Minnesota. Now it’s our turn to join them for a march and rally at the Capitol.

Precious Waters Canoe Flotilla March and Rally
Monday, October 22

* Morning – Paddle from Fort Snelling to Harriet Island.  Call 612-333-1805 to join the paddle.
* 12:00 Noon – Water Ceremony at Harriet Island, St. Paul.
* 1:00 PM – Flotilla and Friends March to State Capitol – bring your paddles or canoe!
* 3:00 PM – Rally at the Minnesota State Capitol, south steps
* 5:00 PM – After-Rally Party at Cherokee Park United Church, 371 W. Baker St, St. Paul, MN  55107.

Help WaterLegacy spread the word. Invite your friends, family, neighbors, and other citizens to join the Flotilla at the State Capitol on Monday. The Flotilla also needs help with parade and rally expenses, as well as gas and food for the last days of their voyage.
For food and gas donations, email Debbra Myers at debbramyers [AT] gmail.com for food and gas donations.
To help with rally and parade expenses, donate online  or mail your check to WaterLegacy Admin Office, P.O. Box 2472, Inver Grove, MN  55076.  All donations marked “Flotilla” will go directly to cover expenses of the Flotilla.
For more information about the paddler and updates about their voyage, visit the Flotilla on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/preciouswaters.flotilla.
Thanks for your support!

Diadra, Melinda, and the rest of the WaterLegacy Team

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