Life After a Summer in the BWCA

     Looking back over the summers we’ve had at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters it’s impossible to forget all of the wonderful summer crew we have had.  The wall of fame in the lodge helps us remember a number of the Voyageur Crew.  We have canoe paddles with photos and signatures of a number of the summer crews we have had but unfortunately not all of them. 

     It would be nice to know what each one of our Voyageur family members are up to after their summer in the BWCA.  Facebook is one way we can get an idea of what some of them are up to.  I am friends with some of them but not all of them.  I see photos they post of themselves and their children!  I can’t believe some of these kids who worked for us are now parents but I guess that’s what happens after a decade or two goes by. 

     I’d like to think I will have time to make a history of Voyageur Employees but since I haven’t yet I think I’m going to assign Dr. Sheri Prom a job.  Since she has worked at Voyageur every summer since we have owned it she should be able to make a list with everyone’s names and years they worked for us.  She’s probably even friends with all of them on Facebook now.  Wouldn’t that be nice if she did this so I can share the information with you?

     If you have any photos or stories of a Voyageur crew member from over the years then please share it with me.  Together we can figure out what happens in life after a summer in the BWCA.