Let’s Play Hockey

     It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about Josh and his hockey experience so I thought I would give those of you who are interested an update.  Some of you may remember Josh just started playing hockey in November and wasn’t real excited about skating since he was probably the worst skater of the group.  We pushed him to continue playing because it was his decision to play in the first place and we are very happy we did.

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     Josh has practiced hard and has improved his skating abilities so much.  His team played in a Jamboree in Duluth two weekends ago.  Even though his team had 3 games on one day with the temperatures in the single digits(yes, they play outside!), he didn’t want to come into the warming house and off of the ice to rest.  He absolutely loves to play the game once he gets out there.  It has been a real joy to see what perseverance has done and a good lesson in life for all of us.

     The hockey challenge hasn’t been fun all of the time; driving to town 3 days a week for practices in 20 below wind chills, traveling 3 hours to the jamborees, spending entire weekends in Duluth,  but we’re all glad he has stuck it out. 

<%image(20070209-goofyjoshsm.jpg|150|175|Gunflint Hockey Player)%>

     This weekend his team has another Jamboree in Duluth.  The temperatures are suppose to get up into the double digits.  The cold doesn’t bother Josh(except for when he starts to thaw), but I sure feel sorry for myself on the sidelines.  I bundle up to stay warm, cheer  until my voice is hoarse and couldn’t be prouder when Josh receives his participation medal at the end of the day.