Let’s Play Hockey

     This is it, the last hockey game of the season for the kids.  It seems hard to believe they have been at this rigorous schedule of hockey practices and jamborees since November.  When we first got the schedules for the season March seemed like a long time away and now here it is the last hockey hurrah. 


   One thing I have to say about Cook County Hockey is it isn’t just about the hockey.  If it were only about the kids and the game then there is no way I would spend so many hours driving the Trail and lacing up skates.  The best part about Cook County Hockey are the families involved.

     The opportunity to mingle and visit with the parents of these Cook County Hockey players is what I value most.  I compare it with taking my kids to ECFE, just so I can have the parent time without the kids.  The friendships that are formed while cramming feet into skates or putting helmets on heads is one that lasts even longer than the ice in Cook County, and that’s a long time. 

     In Cook County you’re not just a part of the hockey association, but a part of the hockey family.  This family looks after one another and cares for each other.  The kids are comfortable asking for help from any number of the adults and none of the parents are afraid to reprimand someone else’s child for bad behavior.  We all want what’s best for each other.

     Wow, we’re so lucky to be a part of this family.  They say it takes a village to raise a child but I will say it only takes a part of a village;  in this case, the hockey families.  So, even though the last game of the season is just hours away I know it won’t make a difference to the hockey families, they’ll still be around long after the ice melts and until it freezes again, which in Cook County won’t be too long.