Leave Only Footprints

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    Most of us have heard the saying, "Take only photos and leave only Footprints."  While some people say, "Size doesn’t matter," when it comes to your ecological footprint size does matter.  What is an ecological footprint?  According to the Redefining Progress Website, "The Ecological Footprint is a measure of the amount of nature it takes to sustain a given population over the course of a year."  The average American’s footprint is 25 or 26 acres and if everyone lived like we do, then we’d need five earths to sustain us.  The size of your footprint depends on many things including what you eat, how you travel, where you live, what you buy and the garbage you create.  You can determine the exact size of your ecological footprint by taking a quiz at this website.   To learn more about your ecological footprint and how you can reduce the size of it please visit this informative website.