Late Night Visitor at Voyageur

     There’s a reason we wait until the end of the day to take the garbage to the dumpster.  It’s so we can get all of our garbage off of our property to prevent bears from visiting.  Unfortunately sometimes a bag or two gets filled after the garbage has been taken or we don’t get the garbage taken at all.  Last night was one of those times.

     There were a few bags of garbage in the back of the garbage truck and one of our black furry friends found it.  He crawled into the back of the truck for a bite to eat and Mark heard him.  He got up to scare the bear away only to have him return again and again.  Finally Mark decided just to take the garbage to the dump around 3:30 in the morning! 

     We’re hoping we don’t have any more late night visitors of the four-legged kind in our garbage truck.