Last Week

It’s the last week of summer break for the kids and then it’s back to school next week. Practices and games for their sports are in full swing and for all practical purposes summer is over for them. It’s bittersweet more sweet than bitter because I’m ready for them to have some structure and a schedule that doesn’t involve hours of Netflix or snapchats.

They both spent way too much time in town this summer and not up at Voyageur. It’s such a luxury to have boats, a swimming dock, paddle boards and a river right outside your front door. In town it takes a little planning and a vehicle to gain access to a lake.   We didn’t want them to have regular jobs and we thought between the brewery and canoe outfitters they could pick where and when they wanted to work. That would leave us flexible in case we wanted to do something as a family.  It turns out it was easier  to not work and as 16 and 15 year-olds they didn’t want to do anything as a family either.  So they had a very unscheduled laid back summer,  hopefully they enjoyed it because it’s back to the rat race of school and sports.

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