Lake Superior Water Level Rising

The good news is the water level of Lake Superior is up, the bad news is all of the precipitation we’ve received has wreaked havoc on the ball schedule. Quite a few of Abby’s softball games and Josh’s baseball games have been cancelled due to snow and rain. Here’s hoping for some fair weather so we can watch some ball games.

Lake Superior up sharply in April

Lake Superior is back on the rise, up six inches in April, a month the big lake usually rises only three inches.

The International Lake Superior Board of Control said Monday that the lake is now nine inches above normal for this time of year and nearly an inch above the May 1, 2016 level.

Water supply to the big lake was up in April thanks to ample rain and some snowmelt.

The levels of Lakes Michigan-Huron went up seven inches in April, more than the usual four inches. The lakes now sit 13 inches above normal for May 1 but two inches below the May 1, 2016 level.

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