Lake Superior Day

     On July 19, 2009 we’ll be celebrating Lake Superior Day along with all of the other communities surrounding Lake Superior. 

Lake Superior Day is a special day that encourages people to take an interest in protecting the lake as well as enjoying the many opportunities Lake Superior offers. Every year, communities around the lake in the U.S. and Canada celebrate this day on the 3rd Sunday in July.

     I don’t think Grand Marais has anything officially planned for the day but that doesn’t mean everyone can’t celebrate on their own.  Hopefully folks will take time to enjoy the biggest great lake and maybe even clean up a beach or something.

     We’re so lucky to live close to Lake Superior.   My kids love throwing rocks in the lake and I love searching for beach glass.  Swimming in the lake is a bit chilly but so refreshing on a hot summer day.  A friend’s daughter recently found a huge amethyst on the shore and agates are everywhere.

     A week after the 18th, on July 25th people will still be celebrating in Grand Marais.  The Northshore Dragon Boat Festival will find folks in boats in the harbor and all around the shore watching the excitement.

     Lake Superior is a Great Lake with plenty of reasons to celebrate its greatness.