Keep Your Cool

     And your refrigerator’s too!  

Does a glance at your electricity bills make your voice go falsetto?

The Bite
Chill. Just reduce your fridge’s energy use – easy with our five fridge energy tips. Should be music to your ears.

The Benefits

  • Energy savings Gwyneth would approve of. Try these tips out with your current fridge to use 30% less energy (and possibly even less) to power it.
  • More cash for concert merch. Opting for an Energy Star fridge, for example, can save you $55 per year.
  • Not everyone can afford a new fridge, but if 10,000 Biters clean their coils regularly, in a year we’ll save a collective $180,000.

Personally Speaking
Being the eco-Samaritans we are, we do our part to up our SF office fridge’s efficiency by keeping it full of organic booze.

Wanna Try?

  1. Fill It Up – your fridge and freezer are more efficient when full (just not so full that cold air can’t circulate). And in a power outage, they’ll hold the temp for twice as long as if they were half full.
  2. Use Glass for Storage – store your food in glass, which keeps it colder longer – and as we mentioned in #1, colder food means the fridge keeps its cool easier.
  3. Vacuum the Coils – a couple times a year, clean off the dust on the coils at the bottom of your fridge (usually hidden behind a removable panel near the fridge’s base), since buildup makes the coils work a lot harder. You’ll use up to 6% less energy. (Just unplug it so you don’t fry yourself.)
  4. Move It – if your fridge is near a sunny window or your oven (and you can actually change the way your kitchen is set up), move it to a cooler spot; for every degree above 70 degrees surrounding your fridge, it’ll use 2.5% more energy.
  5. Replace It – get an Energy Star-qualified fridge – they use at least 15% less energy than the current federal standard. Fridges with bottom- or top-mounted freezers use about 20% less than side-by-side models.