Just a Week Away

     Next Saturday morning will be a whole lot different than this morning.  It’s a quiet morning and all is calm at the end of the Gunflint Trail.  Next weekend at this time we’ll be running around like chickens with our heads cut off in order to be 100 percent prepared for the 5th Annual Mush for a Cure.

     Pancakes will be flipping, parking areas flagged and dog teams will be pulling onto Gunflint Lake in order to prepare for the big event.  There are 30 teams signed up for the Mush and more entrants on the way.  My dress and mask are here for the Masquerade Ball and all of the prizes for the carnival have arrived as well.

     Abby is pretty excited about the prizes for the carnival because she helped me pick them out.  The games are going to be fun for the kids too and hopefully we’ll have plenty that want tattoos and face paintings because I went a little overboard on those supplies. 

     Mushers aren’t the only folks who can win great prizes.  If you can pull a dog sled then you too can win prizes. If you dress in the most outrageous pink costume you can win and by being a part of this terrific event you are a winner by default.

     Hope to see you all a week from today at the 5th Annual Mush for a Cure.