It’s the neatest invention I’ve seen in the outdoor industry since hammocks with shelters.  The JAKPAK is a waterproof jacket, a sleeping bag and a tent all in one.  When we first saw these Chelsea thought they were so cool and we needed to try them.  She wrote to the company and not long after we received our package with not one but two JAKPAKs in it to try out. 

     Unfortunately the weather has been cold and neither she nor I have had the opportunity to get out and test it in the field properly.  We have played around with it and can’t believe what an amazing product it is.  For starters it’s an awesome waterproof breathable jacket complete with pit zips.  What more could you ask for in a jacket?

     In addition to being a terrific piece of outerwear the jacket houses both a sleeping bag and a tent that can be detached from the jacket if desired.  The sleeping bag has a waterproof bottom so you can lay directly on the wet ground.  It’s quite roomy with a two-way zipper so it’s easy to get into and out of.

     The tent part is super neat.  When you think tent don’t think about a full dome tent that covers your entire body.  Think more along the lines of the little screen type tents you can buy to put over food on a picnic table.  It is designed to cover your head, neck and shoulders and is easy to set up. 

     This is a seriously incredible product that can be used in so many ways.  The great thing about it is it only weighs about 3 pounds depending upon what size you buy.  That’s the total weight of your tent, sleeping bag and rain jacket.  You can buy them online and when you check out you can enter the code "canoeit" to receive an additional $20 off the already on sale price.  The regular price is $249.99 down to $199.99 until October 1st and $179.99 if you enter your promo code.  That’s a great price for a waterproof jacket, tent and sleeping bag all in one.  Hope you’ll take advantage of this super offer and enjoy using your JAKPAK!

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JakPak in Action