Itching to Go Fishing

     Since there’s still snow on the ground and ice on the lakes this is the perfect time to get ready for fishing. Get your tacklebox set up and put new line on your reel so as soon as the ice goes off you can go fishing.  If you have a boat and motor you want to take fishing then make sure they along with the trailer are ready to go.

     Here’s some tips from a website.


  • Replace spark plugs
  • Check plug wires for wear
  • Check prop for nicks and bends
  • Change/fill gear lube
  • Inspect fuel lines, primer bulb and tank for leaks
  • Lubricate and spray moveable parts


  • Check for current registration
  • Check rollers and pads
  • Check and lubricate wheel bearings
  • Clean and lubricate winch
  • Lubricate tongue jack and wheel
  • Test lights and electrical connections
  • Check tire pressure and condition
  • Check brakes (if equipped)
  • Check safety chains
  • Check tongue lock


  • Sound signaling device
  • Check distress signals and expiration date
  • Check Pfds
  • Inspect life rings and cushions
  • Check fire extinguishers and recharge if necessary
  • Check and adjust compass
  • Check navigation lights
  • Check charts and replace as necessary
  • Check radar reflector
  • Check and replace first aid supplies
  • Check bailer and hand pump


And from another website...

1. Is the boat registration up to date? Some state agencies require a yearly renewal, while others all renew on a certain date.  Best bet is to check your state’s boat registration dates and requirements.

2. Do you have all the safety equipment and is it in good condition?  How old is that fire extinguisher? Best to have one that is new or only a year old.  Has a mouse chewed the straps on the life jacket? Have your kids grown since the last time they wore life jackets? It’s especially important to make sure little ones fit their life jackets.

3. Can you locate the plug?

4. Check all the mechanics below deck, for example look for cracked belts or fuel hoses. If anything is old or broken, replace.

5.  How are the electrical systems working? Make sure to turn everything on to test operability. Any corrosion around batter terminals? If so, remove and clean with a wire brush.

6. Will the engine run? A universal motor flush tool which connects to a garden hose is a handy.  This lets me know if the outboard motor won’t start in the yard, rather than at the ramp.

7. Do the towropes and anchor ropes still have their integrity or are they getting brittle from exposure to sunlight?

8. Are the trailer tires still holding air or too worn? How about the spare? You do have a spare, right?

9. How about those trailer lights? Rodents love to nibble on those things too.

10. Inspect the hull. Any scratches or gouges to buff out? Ladder work? Any need for a paint touch up?

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