It’s Starting to Look Like Winter on the Gunflint Trail

     I have to admit I was quite shocked when I opened the door for the dog to go outside this morning.  The deck was covered in snow and I had no idea snow was even in the forecast.  When we went out to the vehicle to go to the bus stop I had to brush quite a bit of snow off of my Subaru.  There was probably 1-2" of the white stuff on the ground and it was still snowing.

     The roads were slick with the new wet snow but thankfully I kept the car between the ditches on both the way to and from the bus stop.  Sometimes those first snowfalls and last snowfalls make the corners sneak up on you quickly when driving.  We’ll see how I do on my way to town today.

     The snow has stopped falling but when I look out my window I see white in the trees.  I can also hear the wind howling so it sounds ferocious outside.  The temperature is just below freezing so it isn’t really that cold outside.

     It looks like winter may be here to stay. It’s held off for quite awhile but I think we’re going to be seeing white for the next few months.  It’s time to get out the winter clothes, snowshoes and cross-country skis and put away the canoe camping gear until spring.