It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

     I’d like all of the rain dancers to take a bow for the standing ovation they are receiving; it must have been an outstanding performance.  Mother Nature enjoyed the show and by 9 PM last night she had given us 1.27 inches of rain with no sign of stopping soon.  She also gave us 1.3 inches on the 4th and 1.2 inches on the 3rd.  It was reassuring listening to the rain fall steadily all day long; a beautiful sound to my ears after hearing 9 fires were burning in the Superior National Forest on the 5th of September.

     The forest is still dry but the rains should keep the fire danger down for the next few days.  As of yesterday morning there was no plan to lessen the fire ban in the BWCA anytime soon.  Maybe they will look at it again if the majority of the wilderness received a couple of inches of rain but then again maybe not.

     I feel bad for our guests who have cut their canoe trips short due to the rain.  I know rain can dampen ones spirits and cause boredom for some.  It doesn’t feel like a complete camping experience without a campfire and I feel for the campers out there.  BUT, I have to admit I am ecstatic we are receiving rain and I have a whole new appreciation for the wet stuff falling from the sky.  I could say I wouldn’t mind if it rained every day for the entire month, but I won’t go that far.  I love the sunshine, I love blue skies, but I don’t love forest fires. 

     So, I guess I am asking the dancers to modify their routine a little bit.  Moderation is the key word when it comes to weather.  A little bit of sunshine in the daytime, a few clouds in the evening, a short rain at night and then skies clearing off so the stars can shine through til the sun rises once again.  That’s not too much to ask for now, is it?