It’s Just Another Manic Monday in the Northwoods

     I can’t say I actually liked that song when it was popular and it isn’t even Monday today but it feels like one since we missed school yesterday.  The weekend found us down south for a weekend of sports and appointments.

     On Saturday we were in McGregor, Minnesota for a volleyball tournament.  It was for the 6th Grade Girls I’ve been coaching and they did absolutely fantastic.  On Sunday Mike and the kids took their Grandpa to the Vikings game for his birthday.  They were all happily surprised by the "W" for the Vikings.  Then on Monday we spent the day at dentist appointments, the eye doctor and the orthodontist.  It’s nice to schedule them all on one day when they are all located in Duluth.

     I start out the week one day behind and of course have a million things to do. It’s the last week for volleyball and Josh’s football with games on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  Then on Monday and Tuesday it’s conferences and the Scholastic Book Fair before MEA(Minnesota’s Annual Education Break in October).  The kids will have off Wednesday through Sunday of next week and so will their teachers, unless they attend the conference.

     So, even though it isn’t really Monday, it’s a manic one.  Hope you enjoyed your weekend!