It’s Happening Again

     I was doing good for awhile but now it’s happening again.  The run here, stop there, do this, forget that, wait a minute, organize it merry-go-round of my newly aquired spontaneous personality.  It’s enough to make me dizzy and you should see my thigh bone (Rugby my dog)  try to keep up with me. 

     Each morning I have good intentions of following my rigid schedule prepared the night before. 

  • 5:45 Alarm Goes Off, 5:47 Go Potty, 5:48 Get Abby Up, 5:49 Wake Josh, 5:50 Let dog out
  • 5:51 Back up stairs to put contacts in, brush hair, pull on same clothes from yesterday
  • 6:00 Put any dishes from night before away & get cereal bowls & spoons out
  • 6:05 Start laundry, fold any from the dryer, give Josh first warning shower is over
  • 6:10 2nd end of shower warning, head back upstairs to pour cereal
  • 6:15 Get snacks for kids or pack their lunch, make sure Josh has 2 mittens
  • 6:25 Tell kids to hurry up, go brush teeth, brush hair, get their stuff together
  • 6:30 Load up car with kids, 6:35 visit with bus driver, Rugby gets treat, head home
  • 6:40 GO WORKOUT   8:00 Shower   8:15 Sitting at desk and working

     Only it didn’t happen like that this morning.  When I got home from the bus stop I noticed a cardboard box that had been in the same place since we got home from Christmas.  Only today it bothered me so I had to stack the boxes neatly and in the process I found a battery. 

     Like all batteries I find I never know if they are good or not.  So off I went to find the tester which led me into the living room.  Screeching halt as I noticed the book shelf looked like it was in total disarray, because it was and has been for months.  I began organizing the shelf with book bindings facing out, stacking games neatly and came across some fireplace rope and goop that has been sitting there for years.  I decided I didn’t want to see it anymore so I opened a cabinet near the fireplace to see if I could store it out of sight.  There were some bags in there so I removed them and placed the fireplace stuff in the cupboard. 

     There were a few more distractions as I attempted to make my way up to my workout room.  My camera was out, a receipt storage box wasn’t in the best possible spot, picture frames that have been leaning against the wall waiting to be filled with pictures that suddenly couldn’t stay there and so on and so forth.  I finally made it up to my workout room.

     There were distractions up there too.  Mainly a counter top that had been sitting up there for years because I thought about using it as a treadmill desk.  I decided I could use it in my office instead so I cut my workout short and decided to bring it up to see how it would work.  Now Mike had to get involved with moving my file cabinet.

     When the file cabinet was moved it revealed dirt on my still plywood floor.  I had to grab the broom so I decided I may as well sweep the floor and while I was at it didn’t the vanity need to be washed off?  And the shower could use some soft scrub and the toilet a brush and the garbage taken out and on and on.  

     Over two hours late I am finally at my desk working and now I remember I never did test the battery and I have no clue where it went..  I hope someone else finds it next time so it doesn’t start another episode like todays.