It’s Always Sunny on the Gunflint Trail

     So it seems lately anyway.  The sky is a bright blue again this morning and we had a low of 9 degrees above zero last night.  It’s a chilly 14 degrees right now and the birds are busy at the feeder once again.  I’m thinking and wondering why this weather couldn’t have happened last week before the Mush instead of this week after theMush for a Cure when there is no snow to save.  Oh well, you can’t live life looking in the rear view mirror, it’s time for me to look out the windshield.

     Today’s title is similar to a television show title.  It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is the name of a show I was made aware of last year.  I have yet to see the show but a few people have called to inform me there are a couple of episodes where a character wears a Superior North t-shirt;  it is in season 4 episodes 5 and 6. 

     I don’t have the time to watch this show to actually see this nor do I know enough about watching television on the internet.  But if there’s any way a person out there can freeze the screen for me to see and email it to me then that would be great.  If not then I’ll just continue to enjoy my sunny days on the Gunflint Trail.