It’s All Over but Not Really

     The 4th Annual Mush for a Cure has ended and the mushers have gone home.  The festivities are over but of course there is still work to be done.  Tents to take down, tables to move, t-shirts to inventory and a ton of other things await my attention.  But for a moment it’s nice to breathe a sigh or two of relief knowing we had another safe and successful event.

     All of the pledges aren’t in yet but we’re optimistic in thinking we’ll be writing a check for as much as if not more than last year to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  Last year we sent in a $25,000. check and this year we hope it will be for $30,000!  Those mushers sure know how to raise money for a good cause, what an accomplishment.

     There are many thank you’s to be said to all of the volunteers who helped with the event.  Way to come together and pull off a great event.  Amazing work everyone, THANK YOU ALL!