It’s All About the Clothes

     I really like winter when I am dressed properly for it.  Long johns beneath fleece pants covered by snow pants and mukluks to protect my feet keep my bottom half toasty.  A couple of layers of shirts, a big parka, hat, neck gator and warm mittens keep my top half warm.  It can be below zero and windy and I won’t be cold.

     Compare that to a day when it’s almost thirty degrees but I’m only wearing a pair of jeans, fashionable snow boots and a regular winter coat on top of a sweater.  Without a hat and wearing a pair of light gloves I shiver uncontrollably and curse the cold of winter. 

     It’s crazy how uncomfortable the cold can be and how comfortable it can be.  Cross country skiing when it’s 5 above zero I will sweat but standing still when it’s in the 20’s I’ll freeze.  Wearing the right clothes makes all the difference between not liking winter and loving it.