Isn’t it Funny?

     Some times you just have to laugh.  That is what I did this morning when Josh stepped outside of the house without a hat on and said, "It’s warm enough I don’t need a hat on today."  I hadn’t checked the temperature yet and when we got into the car we saw it was indeed warmer, at 3 degrees above zero it was a big change from the -26 degree days earlier in the week.

     How can someone think 3 degrees is warm enough to not wear a hat?  It’s strange what the mind and body can do when it comes to the surrounding conditions and adjusting to the environment.  There are some people who live in places where the temperature doesn’t vary much at all yet here even in the winter we can go from 20 below to 20 above in a matter of hours.  That’s a big difference and it’s amazing how quickly we adjust.

     I wonder how many people out there would think 3 degrees is warm enough not to wear a hat? I bet there aren’t many folks who live in the Carribbean who wouldn’t be wearing a hat.  They would probably be afraid of temperatures that cold.  Either way, I need to find Josh’s hat!