Is Your Brain Turning To Mush?

     This has nothing to do with the fact I’ve recently attended a 3-day Emergency Medical Services Conference, the fact I’ve been preparing to take the EMT test or the fact I have to re-certifiy for CPR tonight.  It has to do with mushing on the Gunflint Trail.

     We’ve been planning for the 2012 Mush for a Cure since before last year’s Mush for a Cure was over.  We’ve been begging for prizes, donations and sponsors for the mushers and for raffle and/or auction gifts.  We’ve also been lining up some folks to compete in the Bald, Brave and Beautiful Head Shaving Contest for Friday night of the event. 

     Speaking of Friday night, this year’s Friday Night, Pink Pajama Party will be held at Windigo Lodge just down the road from Trail Center.  Sarah and the Crew at Trail Center will no doubt be busy feeding hungry guests and we outgrew her establishment for the Friday night festivities.  Don’t worry the Mush for a Cure Saturday events will all still take place at our favorite Gunflint Trail bar and restaurant on Poplar Lake and Sarah is happy for the success of the event.

     As stated in the paragraph above Friday night at Windigo is the Pink Pajama Party.  Bring a blanket or stuffed animal and show up in your best pink PJ’s to win the prize of best dressed.  We’ll be dancing to the music of Trail’s End Band after the Pink Pasta meal. 

     We’re excited as ever for this event and for the Gunflint Trail Mail Run happening on the 30th and 31st of this month.  It’s happening in place of the John Beargrease Sled Marathon that was cancelled due to lack of snow in Duluth.

     Come on up to the Gunflint Trail and watch your brain turn to Mush too!