Internet on the Gunflint Trail

Our internet on the Gunflint Trail will someday be replaced with fiber optics. Unfortunately that day will not be until next June. We were hoping for new service this summer but that isn’t going to happen so we’ll muddle along with intermittent, slow and frustrating satellite internet until then.

Dial up wins the contest for bad internet connection but satellite internet is a close 2nd.  We are only allowed so much bandwidth on any given day and issuing fishing licenses, BWCA permits and accessing our guest information online uses up quite a bit of it. If we go over the amount then we have to purchase a token for $20 or $30 a pop just to get enough bandwidth to make it through the day. That’s on top of the absurd amount of money we pay for monthly satellite internet, over $200 a month.

Forget streaming movies and music when you’re at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters. I’m just happy when I can get a page to load within a few minutes. Patience is not a virtue I was given and especially not when it comes to working online(of which I must do when posting to my blog). I apologize for ranting about this but I couldn’t get my computer to search what I wanted to for today’s blog and I have given up on waiting so this will have to do.

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