Incredible Voyageur Crew Makes Boundary Waters Even Better

     I hate to brag but our Voyageur Crew is simply the best.  I know other outfitters may have good people working with them but when I sit back and watch ours at work I’m always impressed.  From helping them shove off from shore to searching high and low for a toothbrush they are just amazing.

     Cheerful, enthusiastic, caring, helpful are just a few of the adjectives that describe our crew at Voyageur.  They are always willing to do whatever it takes to make our guests happy and listening to their laughter just confirms it.  It takes a special person to be in the hospitality business and we’ve got the most special people around.

     Adding to our normal summer crew are past crew members that just can’t get enough of serving our guests.  Adam Maxwell and Jake Bendel just back from their Hudson Bay adventure both want to spend a couple of days helping others enjoy a wilderness canoe trip. 

     As the summer staff leaves it’s sad to see them go. We just couldn’t be more grateful for all of their dedication and hard work they have given to our special guests of Voyageur.  And while we miss them we take comfort in knowing it most likely won’t be the last time we see their smiling face and we hope we get to see it for another entire summer sometime in the future.