Inch by Inch

     The Gunflint Trail is white with snow but there must be some regulation Mother Nature is abiding by since it seems we only get an inch at a time.  Last week an inch of snow fell, last night another inch but what I would really like to see is about 8-10 inches of the white stuff all at once.  Going outside to move just one inch of snow seems senseless, almost like we’re being made fun of by the snow makers up above.  I can just hear them laughing in the clouds as they push the snow on us inch by inch, "Ha, take that you silly human, not enough to shovel, too much to sweep and just enough to cover your windshield!" 

<%image(20070123-gulfsm.jpg|150|113|Minnesota Winter)%>

     I guess I shouldn’t complain but if they want to really amuse us and themselves then they should just give us an inch to play with every day.  How’s that for reverse psychology?