In-between Time

Silver Bay, Minnesota is a nice town. There’s a grocery store, a couple of gas stations, a pizza place, a bar, a restaurant, a flower shop, a bowling alley with irregular hours and of course the hockey rink. There’s more to it than that but in all reality, not too much more.  When there’s a hockey game at 9:30am and not another one until 3:00pm your options of where to hang out are limited.

Where did we go in-between games? Where any normal family would go, the rest area.  It isn’t just a rest area it’s a big rest area and the headquarters to the Tettegouche State Park. There’s a little interpretive area, a gift shop and a beautiful fireplace with comfortable seating around it. While the kids and dads relaxed in front of the fire my sister and I went for a little hike.

I’ve hiked to Shovel Point in the past but I have never done it in the winter. There wasn’t enough snow for snowshoes so our winter boots took us the 1.5 mile round trip just fine. The air was brisk but the sun was warm so we were quite comfortable as we walked.

The Silver Bay area has a lot of outdoor recreational opportunities. There are many hiking trails including the Superior Hiking Trail and there are inland lakes to enjoy as well.  In the summer the paved bike trail is a treat and Split Rock Lighthouse is just a stone’s throw away.  It really is a nice place and anywhere you can enjoy Lake Superior or time with your sister is a good place to spend those in-between times.

Tettegouche State Park
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