If Silence is Golden

        If silence is golden then I’m not sure what to call the sound of ice being formed.  It is a rare and magical sound that mesmerizes you almost like you are being frozen too. 

<%image(20081124-ice forming on the Seagull River sm.jpg|150|225|Ice on the Gunflint Trail)%>

      This morning the air was still and silence surrounded me on the shore of the Seagull River.  Then without warning an air bubble escaped somewhere beneath the ice and a "gaaa-looop" sound was heard.  It was followed by a slight sound that was barely discernible yet I heard the "kaa-linkle, taa-linkle" of ice crystal music.  Then another familiar sound could be heard, "buhhhhloooooom."

<%image(20081124-rocks through the ice small.jpg|200|199|Rocks on the bottom of Seagull)%>


 The sound of water forming into a solid just can’t be described with words.  It’s something you have to hear for yourself.  These are the days when I wish I had my podcast technology figured out so I at least could try to mimic the sounds.

     The snowflakes began to fall while I stood on the shoreline.  I thought I could even hear them as they reached the surface of the earth.  I wondered if a snowflake worried if the ground was frozen or not?  For if it wasn’t then their long journey would come to an abrupt end.  Other lucky snowflakes would get to hang out with their snowflake friends for the entire winter if the ground was frozen.

     Then, as if a spell was broken, I thought to myself, "What in the heck am I thinking?  I have work to do." 

     And just like that I turned my back on the forming ice and it’s magical sounds and made my way inside.  Now the snowflakes continue to fall and I know the ice is still making beautiful music outside, but is it really music if no one is listening?

<%image(20081124-ice forming on shore at TE small.jpg|150|225|More Ice on the Gunflint Trail Lakes)%>